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We Help Events Happen!

Events are good for the community and great for your company culture.

As a company built with some of Baton Rouges’ most employee-centric and progressive mid-sized businesses backing our endeavors, we know all about setting up a fun event for the team and families.

We pride ourselves on technical excellence coming in only a hair before customer service and a culturally phenomenal atmosphere.

Equipment is where we got our start!

We offer a variety of audio and visual equipment including speakers, microphones, projectors, screens, and lighting. Our equipment is regularly maintained and tested to ensure that it is in top condition for your event. We also provide on-site technical support to help you set up and operate the equipment.

System Tuning.jpg
We make your system sound its best!

Setting up and Tuning a professional sound system for a space brings audio fidelity up by reducing interactions between speakers to minimize variations across all possible listening positions. Our team has mastered the process and found techniques with our high-end audio processing equipment to optimize our sound systems to the nth degree.

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